#why 25 #tourists were killed in #Tunisia in a #terrorist_attack ?

Breaking the fasting, mom, bro and I.

Mom: Do you know that 25 tourists were killed in Tunisia in a terrorist attack?

Me: Yes, may their souls rest in peace!

Mom: Who is responsible of the attack?

Me: Daech I guess…some ignorant people anyway!

Mom: why did they kill them?

Me: no reason can justify such an act, but maybe because they’re not muslims, having a sun bath during Ramadan…stuff like that!

Mom: That’s crazy! They killed innocent people because they are different!? Because they want to spend holidays in the beach swimming and reading books while having a sun bath?

Me: They don’t understand what “Choice” means!

Mom: They do, they have to!
Listen, the first lesson that had been teached to our father Adam is “Choice”!

God told adam not to eat from the tree, however, he gave him the possibility not to obey! If God wanted Adam not to eat from that tree, Adam would never have done! The lesson is clear, the relation between us and God is based on the freedom of choice!!! How can they pretend not understanding?

Me & Bro: wow, mom, you rock!

First, children are the most of time a copy of their parents…yeah so obvious but I have never noticed!

Second, never thought that we can be as concerned by Tunisia issues as we are, felt sad like this attack happened in our native country! Tunisia is a part of us!

  by  Yasmina Touma


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