#Love to #read ? These #jobs are for you

If it is impossible to tear you away from a book when you start reading and if you can imagine spending your life with books and books only, these jobs are perfect for you.

1. Publisher

Publishers take part in the process of reading books and selecting them for publishing, editing the books, helping out with the book jacket design and even with coming up with ideas to market the next book. If you’ve always ached to be responsible for bringing out the next big book, go for it.

2. Book related companies

Working in companies that deal in books or rate them may let you read for a living and what is better than that, right?

3. Editor

The main job of an editor is to go through people’s work and edit so that the piece is improved. So, be it for a magazine or a book, reading is definitely a must in this profession.

4. Bookstore owner

You can combine your love for entrepreneurial ventures and books and start your own bookstore. Not only will reading be a part of your profession but you will also get to meet other bibliophiles and interact with them. You will be playing a role in encouraging people to read more

5. Librarian

If you want to be surrounded by literary works of art every day, being a librarian will definitely suit you. Much like a bookstore owner, you will help in getting the reading habit into several people and they will surely thank you later. Justimagine not having to take breaks to read!


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