#How to #understand #power – #Eric_Liu

Let’s Begin…

Every day, we move and operate within systems of power that other people have constructed. But we’re often uncomfortable talking about power. Why? Eric Liu describes the six sources of power and explains how understanding them is key to being an effective citizen.

Power = the ability to make others do what you would have them do.

Main 6 sources of power :

  1. Physical Force
  2. Wealth
  3. State Action
  4. Social Norms
  5. Ideas
  6. Numbers

3 Laws of Power (How power is operated) :

  1. Power is never static
  2. Power is like water
  3. Power is compound (also powerlessness)

What can you do to become more powerful?
Learn to read power so you may write the power
Read :

  1. Map out who has what kind of power, arrayed in what systems
  2. Understand why it turns out this way, who made it so, and who want to keep it so
  3. Study the strategies others in such situation used (frontal attack or indirection, coalitions or charismatic authority

Write :

  1. Believe you have to right to write
  2. Speak up in the voice that authentic
  3. Organize your ideas, then organize other people
  4. Practice consensus building
  5. Practice conflict

Set objectives, then bigger one -> Watch the pattern, see what works -> Adapt -> Repeat = Citizenship

Power + Character = A great citizenship (and you have to power to be one).



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